Leisure-time activities kuntoranta.bonsait.fi

Our spa services include aquatic exercise, fitness training and the company of other people. You can create a personal outdoor life programme – either by using your own or rental equipment. The surrounding waterway offers the opportunity for swimming, fishing and canoeing, among other things. You can also enjoy nature walks on forest footpaths, or romantic moments on the beach around a camp fire. We recommend skiing and snowshoe walks in wintertime. In the snowy season, our guests have access to a skiing track with electric lighting, and to a snowmobile route maintained by Varkaus Town. 

Our indoor sports facilities include billiards
kuntoranta.bonsait.fi table tennis, for example. There is a variety
of sports and hobby equipmentavailable for rent
at our reception department. Our evening-

entertainment includes theatrical performances
and restaurantshowsby artists. Participate in
karaoke ordance to
live musicprovided by the orchestra.